Our Design Process

At Isaman design, we understand the importance and uniqueness of each project.  While the process may seem intimidating at first, we feel that it is our responsibility as Architects and Designers to efficiently guide you towards the best possible design solution. Whether this is your first custom project, or third, we leave our egos at the door and strive to make the design experience as enjoyable and memorable as it should be. Although each project is different, here is a quick look into a simplified version of our design process, which outlines the steps we take to bring a project to life.

Initial Meeting

Whether your project is a custom single family residence, a new retail space, or a multi-family housing complex, we feel that it is important to get to know you and your lifestyle's needs. During our first "Programming Meeting" we discuss things as basic as how many rooms you need, to where you like to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.  All of the details matter to us.


Schematic Design

The schematic design process represents the first iteration of design.  We take the detailed notes from our initial meeting and generate a series of diagrams and plans.  We examine things like spatial adjacency, climate/sun patterns and site views to produce the initial floor plans and elevations. When we present these initial designs, we may utilize inspiration images from other projects to help clearly illustrate the design direction. Once we have the go ahead, we move on to refine the design.


Design Development

With floor plans and initial massing developed, we utilize our cutting edge CAD and 3D modelling software to generate updated floor plans and three-dimensional study models. The result is a comprehensive "Virtual Building Environment" model. No need to simply rely on black and white plans and elevations, with this model you can use your computer or iPad to "walk-through" and experience your project just as you would in real life.  We work with you to integrate your selection of finishes, colors and specific furniture to help you fully visualize what your future space will be like.


Construction Documents

When the design has been finalized, we work to produce a comprehensive set of construction drawings that is needed to apply for building permits at the County or City level.  In this set of drawings we include additional details such as materials selections, window and door specifications, and electrical lighting layouts to name a few. Additionally, we coordinate with structural, mechanical, and landscape engineers/consultants to generate a complete set of working drawings. Given our extensive experience in processing projects with County and City officials, we can efficiently apply for building permits. When the permit is granted, the approved set of drawings can be passed off to a contractor for construction.


Construction Administration

In the form of an additional service, we perform a number of Construction Administration tasks to ensure that the builder is provided with any additional information needed to accurately construct your project.  During this phase we act as your agent to answer construction related questions and help make decisions that will strengthen the build and design of the final product.